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Gnani Purush Dadashri and Atmagnani Dr. Niruben

Download Audio in mp3 of Satsang with Atmagnani Deepakbhai. These are in Gujarati

Satsang on the Golden Morning Series in Simandhar City has resumed on Nov 22 2010. Major themes include vidhi with ekagrata-oneness of mind, speech and action, seeing intent, awareness of deception in pride fulfillment (maan ma kapat), and the role of vyavasthit in recent obstacles in Rajkot during the Anniversary Celebrations.

On November 23 2010 Pujya Deepakbhai concluded the parayan-- detailed study with the Vision of the Gnani, the book of Avoid Clashes Athadaaman Taado. Light was shed on the topic of clashes between couples and its relationship to sexuality in subtle aspects. The Gnani then answered questions from Dadavani March 2010 on the origin of the crazy ego with a specific statement from Dadashri as to how his ego never arises when insulted. Also gave a very comprehensive description of this universe according to the Vision of the Tirthankara, with specific reference to Mahavideh Kshetra and Lord Simandhar.

The November 24 2010 Telesatsang format with answers to specific questions by email had a very good response to a variety of questions from US. Notable topics include the exact way to'see' moha illusory attachment, and exact understanding of the Science of bhav intent and the role of intent in Self realization in Akram Vignan. Questions from Aptavani 4 on bhaav, bhaavak and bhaavya all being part of the non-Self complex were answered.

On November 26 2010 our Gnani gave wonderful darshan through answers to a young  Hindi speaking couple with 2 children followed by more Hindi satsang and thenwent into the details of pragnya energy after a brief husband wife interaction question. 

On the night of November 23 there was a bhakti session of devotional hymns in front of the Lord in Simandhar City. The mp3 is on the link for an entry into the ambience around the Lord.

Download Audio in mp3 of Satsang with Atmagnani Deepakbhai. These are in English Translations